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Paula Maddox,

Nonprofit Consultant


Leveraging 20 years of nonprofit experience, knowledge and skills to help you easily and effectively

build and grow your small

or startup nonprofit!

Providing a Full-Range of Nonprofit Services. Specializing in Customized One-on-One Mentoring

that Builds Your Nonprofit I.Q.

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Grow Your Nonprofit with One-on-One Mentoring

  • Develop your nonprofit's image

  • Understand and use best practices

  • Develop core competencies

  • Grow your personal skills

  • Plan for a more successful future

Mentoring with Charities BeCause

can help you do this... and more!

You Need Charities BeCause Mentoring if You Want to Learn...

  • At your own pace in an individualized setting

  • Nonprofit skills customized for you

  • How to quickly and efficiently leverage new knowledge

  • The "what" and the "how" for running a smooth 501(c)(3)

  • Key concepts you didn't even know to ask about

  • The nuances of the nonprofit landscape

You Don't Need Charities BeCause Mentoring if You...

  • Have little faith in your mission

  • Aren't motivated to create change

  • Want a canned presentation

  • Are luke-warm about your future success

  • Place limited value on new knowledge

Don't Know Where

to Start Your

Mentoring First?

No Worries.

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Not Interested in Customized Mentoring but Need Help Building and Growing Your Nonprofit?

No Worries.

Charities BeCause Provides a Full Range of Nonprofit Services that Can Optimize Your Growth and Your Nonprofit's Future!

You Need Charities BeCause Nonprofit Services When You Need:

  • Expertise/skills that your staff lacks

  • A professional to step in when you have a staff vacancy or current staff already "wears too many hats"

  • Afresh perspective/approach to running your nonprofit operation

  • A professional who can focus on growth instead of maintenance

  • Someone to creatively brainstorm with you

Call Paula at 515-314-5070 to discuss your specific needs.

Mentoring/Consulting Levels That Fit Your Needs!

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5 hours: $725


10 hours: $1500

Premium (Best Value*)

15 hours: $2250

Additional hours may be purchased.

*Based on discounted hourly rate

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You're only hours away from greater success!

Paula Maddox


"I'll help you navigate the intimidating,

confusing and challenging nonprofit

landscape so you can focus on

creating change through

your nonprofit mission!


"Paula Maddox of Charities BeCause rocks as a nonprofit consultant!

She delivers easy-to-understand insights and advice

that position small and start-up nonprofits for greater success."

Stephanie Manesis, Zenlily Films

Charities Because Provides a Full Range of Nonprofit Services

Success. Passion. Experience. Skills. Insight. Education.

  • 20+ years of nonprofit experience and mentoring guidance

  • In-depth insight of the inner and outer workings of nonprofits

  • Skilled in mission-directed strategic and tactical thinking and action

  • Proven record of securing more than $4M in funding over the last 5 years

  • Successful government grant and United Way applications

  • Experienced in nonprofit fundraising techniques, including events

  • A Master of Business Administration, a Bachelor of Science in Marketing,

and continuing education --- from grant proposals to strategy development


a genuine LOVE for helping nonprofits create change

through their charitable missions!

Read More of What People are Saying about Paula

Justine Perez

Board Secretary

Western Nonprofit Start-Up

Oakland, California

"Paula Maddox of Charities BeCause brings so much value and knowledge to our startup nonprofit development process. Her integrity, perfectionism, expertise, and gentle mentoring ways is helping us set high standards, and will, no doubt, be one of the driving factors of our future successes!"

Stephanie Manesis


Zenlily Films

Fargo, North Dakota

"Paula Maddox of Charities BeCause rocks as a non-profit consultant! Paula delivers easy-to-understand insights and advice that position small and start-up nonprofits for greater success. She has a wealth of knowledge about the non-profit world and is a savvy marketer. Paula is an awesome writer, as she adeptly uses the English language to make sentences come alive and persuade the reader. If you want to grow and expand your non-profit, call Paula right away!"

Katie Harris and Moxie

Founder & CEO

Moxie's Mission (

St. Louis, Missouri

"PaulaMaddox of Charities BeCause was patient in helping me better understand grant applications and she even created the missing documents I needed to apply for grants. She slowly and carefully walked me through the budget process so I understood every line item. Now I can create a budget on my own! "

William Reed

Former Supervisor

Midwestern Nonprofit

Des Moines, Iowa

"Paula Maddox of Charities BeCause has a strong aptitude for detail and can break down complicated grant applications. She applied and received funding for a state government grant that required her to work tirelessly with a team of program operators to fully understand and translate essential information into a compelling narrative. Paula was also involved with the strategic planning and execution of several multi-million dollar charitable fundraising campaigns. She always remains positive, approachable, and is an easy collaborator."

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Not interested in Customized Mentoring? Charities BeCause Provides a Full Range of Nonprofit Services that Can Optimize Your Growth and Fuel your Nonprofit's Future!